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New Year's Resolution: Embrace Your Image

We're getting ready to start another year. Did you already decide on a resolution? Well, before you get totally engrossed in all the things you'd like to change about yourself, why don't you celebrate who you are right now with a fun photo session that celebrates all things you? It's time to change that holiday facebook profile picture anyway so why not start the new year with a new look. Sound intriguing? Drop me an email and we can discuss the possibilities over email or coffee.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this blast from a photography session past...

Cabin Fever


Creative Couples | Couture-Inspired DIY Garters

While planning my wedding last summer, I fell hard for the couture garters I've been seeing on Pinterest and other wedding sites, but my limited budget wasn't going to allow me to spend $100+ on a garter.  I decided if I couldn't be couture, I could at least make something unique of my own.

To make my garter, I started by purchasing a set of lace headwraps and a stretchy pearl headband from a children's accessory store at the mall. Then I accessorized with old jewelry I had lying around: a rhinestone bow necklace, a clover charm, and a locket brooch my grandpa gave me as a child.

I threaded the bow neckace through the beaded headband and pinned it together with the clover charm and brooch on the other side. Then I used a few stiches of thread to hold the pearl band in the center of the lace band. Wallah! My custom garter.

The brooch served as my "something old" and I wore a second, light blue, lace band from the pack as my "something blue."  I have…


Today we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of our engagement. Even though we got married last summer, we continue to celebrate our December 23rd engagement as a way to relax before the hustle and bustle of the holiday. To commemorate, here are a few highlights from our original engagement shoot (photos by my sister and co-wedding photographer, Rachael).

Happily Holidays from that Four-Legged-Fur-Family-Member


Creative Couples | DIY Fairytale

For our next entry in the Creative Couples blog series, I want to highlight the first  fully DIY wedding we had the honor of photographing. This backyard and brook-side fairytale wedding was filled with tractors, dirtbikes, recycled, repurposed and DIY details! J.D. and Lani made their own bouquets and decorations, indulged in home-made wedding cupcakes, and created many of their own unique details including personalizing the cupcake platter and sand ceremony vase and even replacing the corset lacing of the bridal gown with a fairy-tale inspired ribbon. No wedding coordinators here, just an imaginative couple with friends and family members to help.

A little DIY advice from my experience working in the wedding industry:If you decide to take on any DIY projects, make sure you start far in advance and have things all ready to go by the Big Day. Unless you have a lot of DIY experienced family and friends ready and willing to help, don't take on too many DIY projects. Particularly i…

Celebrate Love

Your photographer-sisters here at Evidence are celebrating the countdown to the issuing of same sex marriage licenses here in our beautiful city. Much love to our LGBTQ friends and especially our favorite bears, Uncle Mikey and soon to be Uncle Mark!

Watching history unfold:

{What to Wear} Family Photography

One of the common questions I get from families preparing to take portraits is "what should we wear?"  While my first answer is always "something you," I also believe that coordinating your clothes can really take your photos from good to great! Coordinating your clothes doesn't mean that everyone wears the same thing, rather colors and styles that compliment each other.

Here is an example of a soft color palette with muted patterns (clothing styles available from GAP). This combination would look lovely for family portraits in a country or nature setting - perhaps a field of tall grass.

This next bold color palette with fun patterns would be great for family portraits in a downtown or city park setting (clothing styles available from Old Navy).
Tips for choosing your clothingChoose a color pallete that will compliment the complexions of family members. If you have family members with very dark or very light complexions it's usually best to avoid black and…

Creative Couples | Feathers for Flowers

As a wedding photographer, one of the things that I find inspiring are the couples who give little personal touches through handmade details. So many couples are looking for ways to stretch their wedding budgets, I decided to start the Creative Couples series to highlight my own experiences as well as inspiration from the couples I have worked with.

I didn't have much DIY experience going into this, but after thinking over what I've seen at the beautiful weddings I've photographed and browsing Pinterest for inspiration, I came up with some DIY details for my own wedding.

I have to admit, I am a sucker for the feather-trend and wanted badly to incorporate feathers into my wedding. One of the ways I did that was to create peacock feather fans for my bridesmaids to hold instead of floral bouquets. I have been asked frequently about how I did this so I decided this would be the inspiration to kick-off the Creative Couples series.

My fans were inspired by this easy to follow t…