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R+B | Salish Lodge Wedding | Snoqualmie Falls | Seattle Wedding Photographer

"Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song... and there's always music in the air." - Twin Peaks
Love is in the air and bubbling over the Snoqualmie Falls. We are honored to capture such a beautiful little ceremony among the closest of family, friends and twin peaks references. Just a little peek into our most recent wedding at Salish Lodge. Congrats!

Seattle life photographer Heather Reis Fike is owner and photographer for Evidence Photography & Design. Inspired by all aspects of what it means to be human, Heather's photography crosses the spectrum of maternity and babies to children, seniors, families, weddings, musicians, artists and performers. We are inspired by what makes you YOU.  Inspired by what you see here? Send us a session inquiry or check out our Session Planning Guides.

Spring Newsletter | Evidence Photography & Design | Seattle Family Photographer

 Springtime, the only pretty ring time, birds sing-a-ding-a-ding-a-ding-ding... sweet lovers love the spring! If you're like me, those lyrics conjure up pictures of Willy Wonka singing while pedaling the bicycle contraption in his inventing room rather than green grass and budding flowers, nonetheless, it is officially spring! And as all good Seattle-ites know, that means finding the delicate balance of rainshine and sunshowers! So let's break out our rainboots and find those lost sunglasses to celebrate!

Our clients are what makes our job completely amazing. Getting to know each one of you and then telling your story through beautiful images is so rewarding. We truly treasure the time we spend with you before, during, and after our photo session, and consider many of you good friends long after the shutter snaps. We love every minute of what we do, and it’s because you, our clients, are such amazing people to work with. Thank you for continuing to be completely awesome - and …

What to Wear | Margarita Color Inspiration | Seattle Portrait Photography

Margarita is a soft sage green that reminds us Spring is somewhere around the corner, but maybe not quite here yet! This hue is innocent and graceful, and can be worn as an accent color or as the main piece. Leather shoes and accessories look fantastic alongside this tone.

Heather Reis Fike is owner and photographer for Evidence Photography & Design.Inspired by what you see here?Send us a session inquiry or check out our Session Planning Guides.