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It's a West Seattle Thing....

Hot pink dresses, Rainier beer, prayer room pool table, photobooth reception and an almost runaway bride. Had a blast with our fellow westsiders last weekend. So many favorites it's hard to pick what to feature in our sneak peak highlights! Here goes anyway: High School Sweethearts part II. { mood music  from senior year or mood music  from freshmen year. Take your pick....}

Seaside Violin

“A sandwich and a cup of coffee, and then off to violin-land, where all is sweetness and delicacy and harmony.”  ―  Arthur Conan Doyle ,  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Photosynthesis moments captured by my sister and co-photographer in crime, Rachael.

Training wheels and dominoes

Taking the bus one day (as I'm often prone to do) and spied this little overgrown vacant lot between a house and a long-shuttered corner market where I used to buy Big League and Lick-M-Aid Fun Dips as a child. When it came time for this little man's session with his first bike, we brought along set of vintage dominoes and embarked on a hide and seek photo journey. A few highlights and some  mood music ... Inspired? Send us a  message . Tell us your ideas or let us come up with a session theme for you. Not sure yet? Take a moment to browse our  planning and investment guides .