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Hey, Little Sister | Seattle Maternity Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

BY RACHAEL REIS |  I like to capture happiness. People show their true happiness while making art, being with the ones they love, and while dancing--and I love the vibe from people dancing, because I believe it helps them open up and feel more comfortable--enough so that you’ll find me out on the floor dancing and capturing moments at the same time. I’m not a huge fan of posed photography, because shooting people in action, in those REAL moments, while they’re creating, dancing, making music, that’s what calls to me. READ MORE

Spring Style Guide | Seattle Portrait Photographers | Evidence of Life Photography

Above all, we believe what you wear to your portrait session should reflect your character and personal style. But, if you feel like you're stuck or unsure how to plan your wardrobe for photos this spring, here's a little inspiration based on current trends in color and fashion that are sure to help you look and feel fabulous in front of the camera. Styleguide No. 1 Springtime neutrals and flattering silhouettes inform our first style guide. For ultra-flattering photos, try a flowy peasant dress, strappy beige shift dress, or contouring body-con with a mock neck and stripes. Pair with leather knee-high or ankle boots, slender heels, or ballet flats. Extra points for fun tassel earrings! Styleguide No. 2 This styleguide plays with grey tones and works well with pretty much any and all springtime looks. Go with lace-up boots and a flannel for casual shoots, or dress the look up with tailored slacks and sleek Chelsea boots.   Styleguide No. 3 A daring s

Trying New Things | Seattle Portrait Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

We tried something new this year. Put on our big girl pants and entered some photographs into a contest for professional photographers. The Photo Contest is sponsored by the Shoot &Share photography community and judged by our peers in the industry. For 2017, there were 330,000 photo entries from 159 countries! Even though none of our entries won top spots, we are humbled to have even one of our photos make it to the finalist round! Here are our entries that we're over here celebrating making it to the top 30% or higher in the contest. Come celebrate with us! Category: Passion Portraits; Recognition: Finalist (top 3.5%) Category: Personal Work; Recognition: Top 10% Category: Couples & Engagement; Recognition: Top 20% Category: Maternity; Recognition: Top 20% Category: The Wedding Couple; Recognition: Top 30% (left) Top 20% (right) Category: Wedding Details; Recognition: Top 20% Heather and Rachael  are sisters who both grew up falling in

Bloodstones | Seattle Portrait Photographers | Evidence of Life Photography

"He flaps his lips... then bites through my necklace cord, filled with bloodstones, and dives into the water." Working on a creative collaboration with local poet, Janice Robinette.  HEATHER REIS FIKE |  I got my first camera when I was sevenish, it was this old 1970’s thing that takes 110 film. I think my mom got it for a few cents at a yard sale, or she may have found it in a vacant apartment, I got a LOT of stuff that way. Anyways, the point is I fell in love. Even then, I liked to photograph people--anyone I had access to, pretty much got their picture taken. It evolved into this deep love for capturing life. And when I say life, I mean every aspect of it. From maternity to newborn to children to seniors and weddings--it’s all part of the dynamic of human life. Capturing the essence of each person’s story is absolutely amazing--from the single mom and her child, to the sa

Welcome to your new home | Seattle Lifestyle Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

A new year and new beginnings. It's always so wonderful to hear from those whose lives you have captured in the past. We captured J.D. and Lani's engagement and wedding stories back in 2009 and were thrilled when they came to us with the news that they had purchased their first home! And wanted to document their first day after receiving the keys. A perfect little home to celebrate past memories and create many, many new ones. And just for fun, here's a little flashback to 2009. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heather Reis Fike | I am a portrait and wedding photographer and a lifelong Seattle-ite. My little world is wrapped up in my soulmate, Josh; my soul-mutt, Lola; and all the people who let me capture a little glimpse into their lives on film. For as long as I can remember, I have loved photographing people. I find inspiration in humanit