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Autumn Beach Exploration | Seattle Family Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

Making family memories in the hazy autumn sun on a rocky PNW beach. Since I was a child, Lincoln Park has been one of my favorite Seattle parks. It has everything from wooded trails to grassy fields to playgrounds to beaches. I was delighted to do a family portrait session with a fellow Seattle family who grew up loving and playing right here. A sisterly walk on the beach. Mom and dad share a moment while the girls skip rocks. Here comes the ferry. A natural beauty. Mom joins in on the skipping rocks fun. Just the girls share a moment watching the ferries come and go. Mom and her beautiful girls. And now for a driftwood balancing act! Exploring for beach treasures. Found a pretty shell. Snuggling in and getting warm with mom and dad. Let's see where this path leads. Practicing sister poses on the cool rock steps. Another treasure! Father-daughter moments. Daddy's girls!