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What Should We Wear to Our Portrait Session? | Pop Colors & the Extended Family Portrait | Seattle Portrait Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

Every so often we post a color and styling inspiration for planning your portrait session. These are not intended to promote dressing a certain way. We want to capture and celebrate your personal style while helping you coordinate outfits that will flow together in your photos. It is possible to take group photos that look cohesive without making everyone wear the same thing.  The more people you have in your photos, the more difficult it can be to coordinate clothing so I want to share some tricks to help you plan. We hope this post will help you find the balance between coordinating your clothing and showing your personality! Questions to Ask Yourself What are you using the photos for? Do you want to hang a big print in the living room? Will the colors and setting of your session fit the style and decor of your home? These are all questions to ask yourself when planning what to wear for your session. Easy Color Palette: Pick two neutrals and a POP color.  When choosing

Rocks and Reefs of the Human Sea | Seattle Irish Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

In honor of St. Patrick's Day today, I want to share one of my new favorite quotes about the Irish as a people. It's from the novel The Plover by Brian Doyle. A book about a man of Irish decent who decides to pack up one day and sail his little boat off the coast of Oregon and straight out into the Pacific Ocean. It's a beautiful read. “The poor Irish. Brilliant idiots. Charming fools. Engaging boneheads. Enthralling nutcases. Entrancing charlatans. Alluring  disasters. We are the rocks and reefs of the human sea, tumultuous outcrops, magnets for wrecks. The peaks of mountains you cannot see... Stony and defiant of the prevailing currents until we are eventually worn down and dissolved. Sometimes soaked and sometimes dry as a bone. Hammered by tides and grimly standing our ground against the pounding... The poor Irish. An island people... A muddy rock soaked by rain and tide and blood. From which we fled for the farthest shore. We leave, we left, we have been left. Into

Life Created | Seattle Maternity Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

Theirs is a story of growing souls and life created out of love. A maternity session in celebration of the cycle of life and love. Rachael Reis is one of the photographer sisters behind Evidence of Life Photography and focuses her work on musicians, artists and events in the Seattle area.  Inspired by what you see here?  Send us a  session inquiry  or check out more maternity photography on our website.