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Recipe for a Roaring 20s Theme Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

Recipe for a Roaring 20s Theme Wedding: Take one loving soon-to-be blended family Drop them in a historic 1920s art deco building with roof top deck Add a handmade heirloom brooch bouquet Pour copious amounts of amazing friends, relatives and co-workers Stir in an array of fedoras, feathers, pinstripes, and flapper dresses Mix well with a choreographed Charelston by the Bride and Groom Sprinkle a little Pacific Northwest drizzle Bake with booze, candy cigarettes and wedding karaoke The result: A wedding epic for the history books. ---------------------------------------------------- Heather Reis Fike and Rachael Reis are sisters who both grew up falling in love with photography. Heather ended up falling in love with telling the story of life--maternity, newborns, children,and weddings, she loves  being able to capture such important parts of each pers