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Wishing you peace, hope and happiness | Evidence of Life Photography | Seattle Portrait and Wedding Photographers

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, the solstice or choose not to participate in any religious or cultural festivities, we wish you peace, hope, and happiness not just for the season but for the year to come.  With Love and Peace, Heather & Rachael In the words of John Lennon... So this is Christmas |  And what have you done |  Another year over |  And a new one just begun |  And so this is Christmas |  I hope you have fun |  The near and the dear one |  The old and the young |  A very merry Christmas |  And a happy new year |  Let's hope it's a good one |  Without any fear |  So this is Christmas |  For weak and for strong |  For rich and the poor ones |  The world is so wrong |  And so happy Christmas |  For black and for white |  For yellow and red ones |  Let's stop all the fight |  A very Merry Christmas |  And a happy new year |  Let's hope it's a good one |  Without any fear |  So this is Chrsitmas |  And what have we done |  Anot

Where the music matters | Seattle Family Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

Cappuccinos to the sound of independent radio at La Marzocco (a.k.a. the KEXP radio cafe) while we waited for the Seattle drizzle to slow down. Our three year old birthday girl was a little cautious at first, but after a few sips of her cappuccino, she was ready for dancing in the photo gallery, exploring the Seattle street art, and kicking up leaves on the way to the Space Needle. A perfectly Seattle Kid way to celebrate your third birthday... I just love how homey and full of natural light the KEXP cafe is. I can't believe this was my first visit. I've already been back in for coffee twice since. I just love it. A mighty big coffee made with love for three year old hands. No pictures yet, please, I haven't had my coffee yet. A family toast to the birthday girl! Love all around. Tasty coffee down. Now let's dance! Time to check out the artwork. Look at that gorgeous waterfall! The rain slowed down enough to take the walk through S