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Bloodstones | Seattle Portrait Photographers | Evidence of Life Photography

"He flaps his lips... then bites through my necklace cord, filled with bloodstones, and dives into the water." Working on a creative collaboration with local poet, Janice Robinette.  HEATHER REIS FIKE |  I got my first camera when I was sevenish, it was this old 1970’s thing that takes 110 film. I think my mom got it for a few cents at a yard sale, or she may have found it in a vacant apartment, I got a LOT of stuff that way. Anyways, the point is I fell in love. Even then, I liked to photograph people--anyone I had access to, pretty much got their picture taken. It evolved into this deep love for capturing life. And when I say life, I mean every aspect of it. From maternity to newborn to children to seniors and weddings--it’s all part of the dynamic of human life. Capturing the essence of each person’s story is absolutely amazing--from the single mom and her child, to the sa