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Photographers for Orlando | Seattle Portrait Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

I still don't know how to put into words my feelings about what happened at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando on the morning of June 12, 2016. So instead I am joining a growing group of photographers from across the US and beyond to put our feelings of hurt, anger, anguish, and solidarity into action rather than words.  Photographers for Orlando Not only did the actions of one person change the course of life for all of the direct victims at Pulse nightclub, but it has also left tremendous scars for the LGBTQ community. The shooting at Pulse nightclub directly effected more than just the victims that were present that night; LGBTQ communities across the country are reeling in the aftermath from this atrocious attack as well. Photographers for Orlando is a group of professionals who are using their services to fund raise for the victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre, while supporting the LGBTQ communities across the country. As artists, we recognize the importance of

The Tiny Footprints Project | Seattle Family Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

A precious little miracle in the NICU... "Our daughter Isabella was born 17 weeks early. She is the toughest little 23 weeker ever! Isabella is a true fighter." - Mom & Dad The Tiny Footprints Project  is a network  of photographers who are  matched with local families to offer their services free of charge to families of babies living in the NICU.  The photographers capture the newborns earliest moments and are a part of the families precious beginnings.  To learn more about Tiny Footprints:  Heather Reis Fike is owner and one of the photographer sisters behind Evidence of Life Photography . Inspired by all aspects of what it means to be human, our photography crosses the spectrum of maternity and babies to children, seniors, families, weddings, musicians, artists and performers.