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I Believe | Seattle Portrait Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

I was inspired to take a self portrait this past weekend. I often use in-camera double exposure on client sessions, but I had never tried to do it as a self-portrait. It was a bit challenging, but I finally got an image that I am happy with. As I was getting ready to post this, I remembered a belief statement I was challenged to write last summer and posted to Instagram. It just seemed fitting so I am reposting it here: I believe that the soul is beautiful.  I believe that bodies are the roadmaps of our life's journey.  I believe in gray hair & wrinkles.  I believe in scars & stretch marks.  I believe in imagination.  I believe in passion.  I believe in dreams.  I believe in soul mates.  I believe in Love Stories.  I was challenged today to post what I believe so I picked up a pen and paper and this is what came out... I believe that the soul is beautiful. I believe that bodies are the roadmaps of our life's journey. I believe in

Be Brave | Seattle Family Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

"Be brave, my heart. Have courage, my soul." I recently had the pleasure of spending a rainy day afternoon in the life of a pair of new parents and their sweet baby boy. I just love the nautical themed nursery and was inspired by the "be brave little one" message on his little blankie... Heather Reis Fike is owner and one of the photographer sisters behind Evidence of Life Photography . Inspired by all aspects of what it means to be human, our photography crosses the spectrum of maternity and babies to children, seniors, families, weddings, musicians, artists and performers. We are inspired by what makes you YOU.   Inspired by what you see here?  Send us an   inquiry  or learn more about  our approach  to portrait and wedding photography.