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We tried something new this year. Put on our big girl pants and entered some photographs into a contest for professional photographers. The Photo Contest is sponsored by the Shoot &Share photography community and judged by our peers in the industry. For 2017, there were 330,000 photo entries from 159 countries! Even though none of our entries won top spots, we are humbled to have even one of our photos make it to the finalist round! Here are our entries that we're over here celebrating making it to the top 30% or higher in the contest. Come celebrate with us!

Category: Passion Portraits; Recognition: Finalist (top 3.5%)

Category: Personal Work; Recognition: Top 10%

Category: Couples & Engagement; Recognition: Top 20%

Category: Maternity; Recognition: Top 20%

Category: The Wedding Couple; Recognition: Top 30% (left) Top 20% (right)

Category: Wedding Details; Recognition: Top 20%

Heather and Rachael are sisters who both grew up falling in love with photography. Heather ended up falling in love with telling the story of life--maternity, newborns, children,and weddings, she loves  being able to capture such important parts of each person’s life. Rachael, on the other hand, while being phenomenal at helping tell the unique story of weddings with her sister as they unfold, is uniquely passionate about capturing concerts and festivals, finding her passion in the vibrant concert lighting, and passionate, beautiful moments of people dancing and letting their true happiness shine. While they both have separate points of passion, their styles combine perfectly to tell the story of weddings, with Heather taking stunning, intimate portraits, and Rachael excelling at photojournalism, both of them consistently moving to accommodate the other, resulting in a finished product of wedding photography that tells the story of life, from two unique, but powerful viewpoints.​ READ MORE...


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