Confidence is Contagious | Seattle Senior Portrait Photographer Evidence of Life Photography

"Confidence is contagious." - Vince Lombardi

It's a chilly winter day in Auburn. The clouds can't decide whether to rain, blow or let the sun show on our little senior portrait session. A view of Auburn, a newly built high school, a football player preparing to graduate, his cheerleading little sister, a rainbow over the stadium, and a walk off the beaten path down by the river. 

Heather Reis Fike is owner and one of the photographer sisters behind Evidence of Life Photography. Inspired by all aspects of what it means to be human, our photography crosses the spectrum of maternity and babies to children, seniors, families, weddings, musicians, artists and performers. We are inspired by what makes you YOU.  Inspired by what you see here? Send us an inquiry or learn more about our approach to portrait and wedding photography.


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