"Don't Wake Me, I'm not Dreaming" | Arbor Gardens Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographer | Evidence of Life Photography

Paper parasols. 
Champagne in mason jars.
A wedding word search on the programs.
Noisemakers on the seats.

Vows under the branches of the giant willow tree.
Wedding reception lawn games under the hot summer sun. 
Ice cream and popsicles for everyone.

Summer love.

As the first dance song said:

Past lives couldn't ever come between us Some time the dreamers finally wake up Don't wake me I'm not dreaming

DIY Details by the Bride and Groom: 
Entryway garland, sign in table, DJ hut, bar hut, reception tables, signage, gazebo photobooth, ceremony decor, ceremony/reception programs, lawn games.

The Professionals:
Hair/makeup: Bridal Beauty Agency (Katya & Meghann)
Bartender: Shake Bartending
Caterer: Barry's Catering
Ice cream cart: Moonie Icy Tunes
Humanist Officiant: Pastor Dave

Wedding dress: Dolce Bleu


Heather Reis Fike and Rachael Reis are sisters who both grew up falling in love with photography. Heather ended up falling in love with telling the story of life--maternity, newborns, children,and weddings, she loves  being able to capture such important parts of each person’s life. Rachael, on the other hand, while being phenomenal at helping tell the unique story of weddings with her sister as they unfold, is uniquely passionate about capturing concerts and festivals, finding her passion in the vibrant concert lighting, and passionate, beautiful moments of people dancing and letting their true happiness shine. While they both have separate points of passion, their styles combine perfectly to tell the story of weddings, with Heather taking stunning, intimate portraits, and Rachael excelling at photojournalism, both of them consistently moving to accommodate the other, resulting in a finished product of wedding photography that tells the story of life, from two unique, but powerful viewpoints.​ Read More...


  1. What a beautiful wedding in Seattle �� You captured their moments perfectly!

  2. Oh wow! So beautiful I love that they had lawn games! This was a perfect Seattle Wedding and you, the photographer, captured it perfectly!

  3. These are stunning! I haven't been to Seattle in so long I have forgotten how gorgeous it is! You've done an excellent job as their wedding photographer

  4. What a wonderful wedding photographer you are! Seattle is lucky to have you!

  5. OK!!! We haven't decided where we want to get married yet but you are making a great case for seattle!!! we'll be visiting soon so we'll come by and see if you're available to photograph our big day!!

  6. This is beautiful and captured in an amazing way! You're a great Seattle wedding photographer

  7. Oh my goodness what a beautiful wedding! Seattle has the best Wedding Photographer around!!

  8. Yep Seattle has my heart. If we make it out there I want you to be our photographer!.

  9. Oh wow, this is the most beautiful wedding!! Why didn't I get married in Seattle so you could be my photographer?!

  10. This is such a lovely wedding! I love all of their details! I'm getting married in Seattle next year and am looking for a wedding photographer still--contacting you now!

  11. Beautifully captured! Sending Seattle friends your way for their wedding photos!


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