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Don't be this mom.... Print your memories!

That commercial had me giggling uncontrollably the first first time I saw it. I think I re-watched it three times! Today, I'm sharing it as a humorous reminder to print our memories.

When I started this photography journey, there were two things I knew I wanted to do:

  1. I wanted to allow my clients to have digital images to post and share online which most photographers weren't offering at that time (back when MySpace was the social media platform of choice, hehe),  and 
  2. I wanted to offer both high quality and affordable print options to my clients. 

Why are printing and sharing important to me? 

Well, allowing my clients to share online is important because I know everyone and their grandmother (yes, our grandma, too!) is on Facebook and Facebook makes it so easy to keep in touch and share your life's moments - big or small -  with friends and family far and wide. For example, I love getting to see the exciting things happening in the life of my adventurous cousin in Mexico or hearing that someone got into College or is collecting donations for an exciting new nonprofit. Yes, I am fully aware of all of the downfalls of social media, but overall, I really see it as a wonderful tool to connect us with the friends and family we might not otherwise see and communicate with (and for the annoying ones, Facebook gives us some handy-dandy "silencing" tools, haha).

So why not just post on Facebook and Instagram and be done with it? Because those things are temporary. Accounts might get locked or deleted, or even when you back up photos on your computer sometimes hard-drives crash or you have so many folders of photos saved, you can't find the photo your are looking for so you are never able to just pop it open and enjoy the  memories. This is where printing comes in...

Start a memory box! 

Or an album. Not just for your professional photos, but your favorite snapshots, too. Keep a memory box that you can pick up and thumb through when you are feeling melancholy. I love being able to pick up a stack of photos or an album and relive those special memories I had nearly forgotten. It does wonders for the soul. Our mom may have been a little "snap-happy" when we were growing up but I will forever cherish the albums upon albums of childhood memories we now have. I can enjoy those by myself or share them with my husband or show our nieces and nephews what their crazy aunt was like at their age... these albums are absolutely priceless. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Make Art! 

We offer heirloom quality and archive rated art prints. We offer these on hand-crafted print mediums including canvas and metal and beautiful rustic framing options like lagniappe canvas and reclaimed barnwood. Browse through the Displaying Your Memories posts in this blog for inspiration! Some of the options we haven't yet posted about include gallery wraps with your photo printed on metal or leather, hand-crafted memory boxes made of artison wood where you get to choose the type of wood, stain and engraving! Message us to learn more about these exciting new offerings for your family images.

I have the digital proofs,
why print through my photographer?

Every photo you choose to print with us goes through a careful process to give you only the most beautiful, heirloom quality pieces. First, for large prints in particular, we will touch up your images beyond the basic processing to ensure they are print ready, taking care to ensure the photo is cropped properly for the size or in some cases extending or enhancing the image to the photo to fit on a wrapped canvas.  Once the photo is ready, we release it to one of the amazing print labs we contract with. The labs we use only contract with professional photographers and put painstaking care into ensuring that your memories are printed and preserved with archive-rated inks, papers and other materials.

You may print through alternate labs if you wish, but we are not able to guarantee the quality or results of any images not purchased through us. If you do choose to print on your own, please do not use a grocery or drug store service. Even the ever popular Shutterfly can be really inconsistent with it's quality. Your memories deserve better! 

Oh, and remember, you don't want this to happen to you, either .....

Just. couldn't. resist that last video. 


Heather Reis Fike is owner and one of the photographer sisters behind Evidence of Life Photography. Inspired by all aspects of what it means to be human, our photography crosses the spectrum of maternity and babies to children, seniors, families, weddings, musicians, artists and performers. We are inspired by what makes you YOU.  Inspired by what you see here? Send us an inquiry or learn more about our approach to portrait and wedding photography.


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