Creative Couples | Couture-Inspired DIY Garters

While planning my wedding last summer, I fell hard for the couture garters I've been seeing on Pinterest and other wedding sites, but my limited budget wasn't going to allow me to spend $100+ on a garter.  I decided if I couldn't be couture, I could at least make something unique of my own.

To make my garter, I started by purchasing a set of lace headwraps and a stretchy pearl headband from a children's accessory store at the mall. Then I accessorized with old jewelry I had lying around: a rhinestone bow necklace, a clover charm, and a locket brooch my grandpa gave me as a child.

I threaded the bow neckace through the beaded headband and pinned it together with the clover charm and brooch on the other side. Then I used a few stiches of thread to hold the pearl band in the center of the lace band. Wallah! My custom garter.

The brooch served as my "something old" and I wore a second, light blue, lace band from the pack as my "something blue."  I have to admit, the rhinestone bow in the back made me fill a bit pin-up-girl-esque.

It may not be couture, but it's me. I love it and I hope you were inspired by the third edition of our Creative Couples blog series. For more wedding inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board and don't forget to come back to the blog for our next Creative Couples entry.


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