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For our next entry in the Creative Couples blog series, I want to highlight the first  fully DIY wedding we had the honor of photographing. This backyard and brook-side fairytale wedding was filled with tractors, dirtbikes, recycled, repurposed and DIY details! J.D. and Lani made their own bouquets and decorations, indulged in home-made wedding cupcakes, and created many of their own unique details including personalizing the cupcake platter and sand ceremony vase and even replacing the corset lacing of the bridal gown with a fairy-tale inspired ribbon. No wedding coordinators here, just an imaginative couple with friends and family members to help.

A little DIY advice from my experience working in the wedding industry:

  • If you decide to take on any DIY projects, make sure you start far in advance and have things all ready to go by the Big Day. 
  • Unless you have a lot of DIY experienced family and friends ready and willing to help, don't take on too many DIY projects. Particularly if you are planning a large wedding or a wedding at a rented facility, you may want to stick to just one or two DIY details to personalize your ceremony or reception. 
  • Backyard or in-home weddings like this one tend to be better for DIY because you are more likely to be able to start setting up days in advance which won't be possible at a rented venue.
  • Which brings me to the point I can't stress enough: Time is Key! Allow yourself more than the amount of time you think will be necessary to complete projects, decorate, etc, so that you don't become overwhelmed. It is your day, after all! Don't spend it stressed!
  • Sometimes it's okay to invest a little extra on things that make your life easier and won't distract you from the real reason this day is special.

I hope you were inspired by the second edition of our Creative Couples blog series. For more wedding inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board and don't forget to come back to the blog for our next Creative Couples entry.


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